CUE Conference 2018

The World Runs on STEAM


CUNY Medgar Evers

The 2018 CUNY CUE Conference was held on Friday, May 11, 2018 at Medgar Evers College, located at 1638 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225. This year’s theme, STEAM for the Global Economy, or how “The World Runs on STEAM,” will serve as an approach to learning that reveals for students the numerous applications of steam technology through the multiple lenses of Science, Technology, Engineering, and the Arts. The conference’s goals are to inspire students to think critically, engage in experiential learning, problem solve, embrace collaboration, and work creatively

The arena of the annual CUE conference represents a wonderful opportunity to share evidence-based practice across CUNY under the umbrella of this year’s theme of STEAM. Aimed at elevating student success, retention and graduation, and effective transfer, the 2018 CUE Conference will focus on improving student outcomes in developmental and gateway courses, with special attention directed at acceleration models and the impact on advancing equity through effective models.

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